Tuesday, June 13, 2017 | Boston, MA

PULSE: On the Front Lines of Health Care 2017

America’s health care system affects more than our individual well being; health care is a major part of our economy and our society. Innovation and medical breakthroughs have been a hallmark of a system that develops new cures and treatments every day. Doctors, researchers and technology leaders continue to make America’s health sector the most vibrant in the world as the federal role in care evolves.

Drawing from leading thinkers across the country, in combination with Boston’s revered medical community, The Atlantic uncovered the stories of patients and families, experts and professionals to explore the state and future of health care. From policy and economics to global public health and the future biotechnology, The Atlantic brought together the brightest minds shaping health care today.

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  • Anthony Fauci

    Director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health

  • Joyce Tung

    Vice President of Research 23andMe

  • James Hamblin

    Staff Writer, The Atlantic

  • Nneka Jones Tapia

    Executive Director Cook County, Illinois Department of Corrections

  • Alison Whelan

    Chief Medical Education Officer Association of American Medical Colleges

  • Thomas Goetz

    Iodine Co-Founder

  • Audrey Shelto

    President Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Foundation

  • Thomas Insel

    Co-founder and President Mindstrong Health

  • Tom Marsilje

    Senior Research Investigator, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation; Blogger, Adventures In Living Terminally Optimistic; Co-Founder, THE COLONTOWN CLINIC

  • Jennifer Waljee

    Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Medicine; Co-lead, Michigan Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network

  • Fidencio Saldaña

    Dean of Students Harvard Medical School

  • Maryn McKenna

    Journalist and Author

  • Alison Stewart

    Contributing Editor, The Atlantic

  • Jeffrey Goldberg

    Editor in Chief, The Atlantic

  • Sameek Roychowdhury

    Medical Director, CLIA Cancer Genomics Laboratory The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • Kevin Outterson

    Professor, Boston University School of Law; Executive Director, CARB-X

  • Erika Kurt

    President and Executive Director Small World Initiative

  • Barrett T. Rollins

    Chief Scientific Officer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Linde Family Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

  • Alan Warren

    Chief Technology Officer Oscar

  • Paul Bleicher

    CEO OptumLabs

  • Olga Khazan

    Staff writer, The Atlantic

  • Steve Clemons

    Washington Editor at Large, The Atlantic

  • Ross Andersen

    Deputy Editor, The Atlantic

  • Richard Barth

    Chief of General Surgery Darthmouth-Hitchcock

  • Sharon Begley

    Senior Writer, Science and Discovery, STAT

  • Axel Bouchon***

    Head Bayer Lifescience Center

  • Louis DeGennaro

    President and CEO, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  • Jay Desai

    CEO and Co-Founder PatientPing @jdesai01

  • David Dobbs

    Author and Journalist @David_Dobbs

  • Damian Garde

    National Reporter, Biotech, STAT

  • Robert Green

    Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Director, Genomes2People Research Program

  • Suleika Jaouad**

    New York Times Well Columnist and Leukemia Survivor

  • Stefanie Joho

    Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocate

  • Jon Kingsdale

    Associate Professor of the Practice, Boston University School of Public Health Senior Strategy Advisor, Wakely Consulting; Adjunct Professor, Brown University

  • Jay Komarneni

    Founder and Chair Human Diagnosis Project

  • Ankit Mahadevia

    President and CEO Spero Therapeutics

  • Justin McCarthy*

    Senior Vice President, Global Policy & International Public Affairs Pfizer Inc.

  • Anne Mostue***

    Radio and Television Reporter Bloomberg News

  • Christine Runyun

    Professor of Family Medicine, UMass Medical School; President, Collaborative Family Healthcare Association

  • Nancy Simonian

    CEO Syros Pharmaceuticals

  • Mayukh Sukhatme

    Chief Business Officer Roivant Sciences, Inc.

  • Leslie Williams

    Founder, President & CEO ImmusanT

  • Ting Wu

    Director and Co-Founder, Personal Genetics Education Project; Professor, Genetics, Harvard Medical School


9:00 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

The State of Health Care in America

9:05 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

One Senator’s Take

9:35 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Deploying Data

9:50 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Training Tomorrow’s Doctors

10:15 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Stretch Break

10:35 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

The End of Antibiotics?

10:45 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Preventing a Pandemic

11:10 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Underwriter Perspective produced by Bayer*

11:35 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Breakout: If Our Bodies Could Talk

11:45 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Breakout: Disrupting Mental Health Care

11:45 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Breakout: The Personal Genetics Revolution

11:45 am EST
Virtual / In-Person

Breakout: The View from Kendall Square

11:45 am EST
Virtual / In-Person


12:30 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Welcome Back

1:35 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

The Massachusetts Story

1:35 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Digital Connections for Better Health

1:50 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Underwriter Perspective produced by Pfizer*

2:15 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Mental Health: From Prison to Primary Care

2:25 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Rewriting the Prescription for Opioids

2:45 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Stretch Break

3:10 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Terminally Optimistic: A Patient Perspective

3:15 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

An Update on the War on Cancer

3:25 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Underwriter Perspective produced by Leukemia & Lymphoma Society*

3:50 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

The Power of Gene Editing

4:00 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

Closing Thoughts

4:20 pm EST
Virtual / In-Person

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Boston, MA

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

9:00 am EST

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