<i>The Atlantic</i>’s Progress Report: The State of the Latino Community

The Atlantic’s Progress Report: The State of the Latino Community

Latinos have fought against labels and misrepresentations, unequal educational and economic opportunities, widening wealth and education gaps, and more for centuries. But the coronavirus pandemic, the social-justice movement, and other factors such as the growing trend toward diversity and inclusivity have had a significant impact on the community’s economics, education, and even identity. So where do we go from here?

Building off of The Atlantic’s legacy of explicating and illuminating American ideals, we produced a series of conversations that unpacked the state of progress among Latinos in America. We convened economists, scholars, policy makers, and activists to outline how we can harness this community’s power to enact sustainable changes that will yield long-term success.

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  • Mark Hugo Lopez

    Director of Race and Ethnicity Research, Pew Research Center

  • Candace Montgomery

    Senior Vice President and General Manager, AtlanticLIVE

  • Christian Paz

    Assistant Editor, The Atlantic

  • Carmen Perez

    President and CEO, The Gathering for Justice

  • Paola Ramos

    Author, Emmy-Award Winning Journalist and Latinx Advocate

  • Mathew Rodriguez

    Senior Editor, The Atlantic

  • Sara Rodriguez

    President, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

  • Deborah Santiago

    CEO, Excelencia in Education

  • Chris Soto

    Senior Advisor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Education



11:00 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Leaning Into Our Identity: What It Means To Be Latino Today

Virtual / In-Person

Is College The Solution to Upward Mobility?

Virtual / In-Person

MacArthur Foundation Presents: Why Justice Reform IS a Latino Issue

Virtual / In-Person

Latinos & Law Enforcement — Justice Through the Latino Lens

Virtual / In-Person

Closing the Latino Wealth Gap

Virtual / In-Person

Closing Remarks

12:40 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Event Details

Virtual Event

Thursday, December 2, 2021

11:00 am EDT


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