Tuesday, December 12, 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Inclusion In Tech 2017

America’s technology industry has revolutionized the world, and strives to further improve our lives through innovation and positive change each and every day.

Despite these aspirations, the industry faces many challenges that it still struggles to solve. Women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups continue to make up a small fraction of its workforce. And some in the industry have questioned whether efforts to turn the tide have gone too far. This backlash, along with numerous reports of sexism throughout the Valley, have left many wondering how to create real belonging in the innovation capital.

Join The Atlantic as we gather industry leaders and stakeholders to examine diversity and inclusion in tech, and explore what change is needed to create lasting equity for all who work in the field.

Tuesday, December 12

9:00 am PT Guest Arrival and Networking
10:00 am PT Program begins
4:00 pm PT Reception

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  • Mimi Fox Melton

    Director, Code2040

  • Penelope Gazin

    Co-Founder, Witchsy

  • Damien Hooper-Campbell

    Chief Diversity Officer, eBay

  • Erica Joy Baker

    Senior Engineering Manager, Patreon

  • Stephanie Lampkin

    Founder And CEO, Blendoor

  • Jess Lee

    Partner, Sequoia Capita

  • Aileen Lee

    Founder And Partner, Cowboy Ventures

  • Chris Olsen

    Partner, Drive Capital

  • Mark Orttung

    CEO, Nexient

  • Liza Mundy

    Contributor, The Atlantic; Author, Code Girls: The Untold Story Of The American Women

  • Libby Schaaf

    Mayor, City of Oakland, California

  • Alexis Madrigal

    Staff Writer, The Atlantic

  • Yolanda Mangolini*

    Director, Global Diversity And Inclusion, Google

    Underwriter Session

  • Tom McLeod

    Founder And CEO, Omni

  • Tariq Meyers

    Head Of Inclusion And Diversity, Lyft

  • Kate Mitchelle

    o-Founder And Partner, Scale Venture Partners

  • Hadiyah Mujhid

    Managing Director, HBCU.Vc

  • Natalia Oberti Noguera

    Founder And CEO, Pipeline Angels

  • Andy Neuschatz*

    Engineering Manager, Blend

    Underwriter Session

  • Franz Paasche*

    SVP, Corporate Affairs, Paypal

    Underwriter Session

  • Elisa Camahort Page**

    Author & Advisor

    Underwriter Session

  • Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

    Founder, theBoardlist

  • Megan Rose Dickey

    Reporter, TechCrunch

  • Alison Stewart

    Contributing Editor, The Atlantic

  • Ciara Trinidad

    Head Of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Blend

    Underwriter Session

  • Wanji Walcott*

    SVP, General Counsel, PayPal

    Underwriter Session

  • Amy Weaver

    President, Legal And General Counsel, Salesforce

  • Tash Wilder

    Consultant, Paradigm


9:55 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Why is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women, And What’s Being Done About it?: A Town Hall Conversation

10:00 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Inclusion in Tech

10:30 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Underwriter Perspective produced by PayPal***

11:00 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

The Story of Two Female Founders

11:10 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Behind the Money

11:30 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Lunch Workshop: Diverse Talent 2.0: Pipeline, Engagement and Belonging,

12:30 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Lunch Workshop: Product Inclusion: Building and Testing for All

12:30 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Lunch Workshop: Privilege: An Interactive Workshop

12:30 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Lunch Workshop: Myth Busters: Removing Labels, Dispelling Stereotypes, and Banishing Age Bias

12:30 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Welcome Back

2:00 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Executive Remarks***

Virtual / In-Person

Fireside Chat with Amy Weaver

2:05 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

The Coders of Tomorrow

2:25 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Tech in the Heartland

2:45 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Underwriter Perspective produced by Blend***

3:05 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

In Our Own Backyard

3:15 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Where Do We Go From Here?: A Town Hall Conversation

3:35 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Closing Thoughts

4:00 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person



Event Details

San Francisco, CA

Terra Gallery & Event Venue 511 Harrison St San Francisco CA, 94105

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

9:00 am EDT

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