Women of Washington

Women of Washington

December 13, 2011
Washington, DC

Wrapping up its 2011 Women of Washington series on December 13, The Atlantic is pleased to present The 2012 Election: Newswomen Covering National Politics”

The Atlantic’s Linda Douglass returns, this time in candid conversation with ABC’s Ann Compton, NPR’s Mara Liasson, andThe Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty. With the 2012 election looming and popular interest in the political press corps surging, we’ll conclude the series with a fresh format, gathering these revered female journalists to discuss their experiences on the campaign trail and in covering elections. Combining analysis of the upcoming election and insight into political strategy, the conversation will also examine the evolution of women’s presence in political reporting and what it’s like to be a woman on the trail.


On October 19, The Atlantic hosted a conversation between Senator Lisa Murskowski and The Atlantic's own Linda Douglass as the third event in its 2011 Women of Washington Event Series

To watch the discussion on how to stimulate the global economy through energy innovation, access the player below.



On September 7, The Atlantic hosted the second event in the Women of Washington series with a conversation between former EPA Administrator Carol Browner and Linda Douglass on energy policy issues; please select the player below to watch the program:


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Earlier this summer on July 28th, the 2011 Series launched with an interview of Dr. Alice Rivlin, formerly the Director of both OMB and CBO, focused on national deficit and tax policy issues on the eve of the debt ceiling decisions; please select the player below to watch the program:

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