Technologies in Education Forum

Technologies in Education 2014

September 11, 2014
Washington, DC

It's a common lament: with teachers guided by strict standards and students becoming rapidly disengaged, the American school system is struggling. The solution? Many in the education community point to a host of creative new technologies, from online courses to educational video games to computers that target questions to strengthen student weaknesses, that have the potential to revolutionize the way our students learn and the way our teachers teach. What are these new technological innovations in education, and how can we use them to refresh our current educational model? We discussed this important terrain and more during this year's Technologies in Education.

The Gallup Building
901 F Street NW
Washington, D.C.

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8:00 am Guest Arrival and Registration

8:30 am Welcome Remarks

  • Emily Akhtarzandi, Managing Director, AtlanticLIVE

8:40 am Headline Interview

  • Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, D-CA
  • Moderated by: Fawn Johnson, Correspondent, National Journal

9:05 am Best Practices: Implementing and Maximizing Technology in the Classroom

  • Sandra Calvert, Director, Children’s Digital Media Center, Georgetown University
  • Mike Gallagher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Entertainment Software Association
  • Joel Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Amplify
  • The Honorable Bob Wise, President, Alliance for Excellent Education
  • Moderated by: Steve Clemons, Washington Editor-at-Large, The Atlantic

9:55 am Headline Interview

  • John Holdren, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House
  • Moderated by: Steve Clemons

10:25 am Surveying the Landscape of Educational Entrepreneurship

  • Richard Culatta, Director, Office of Educational Technology, Department of Education
  • Barbara Kurshan, Executive Director for Academic Innovation, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
  • Connor Diemand-Yauman, Manager, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Coursera
  • Moderated by: Matt Cooper, Contributing Editor, Newsweek

11:05 am Case Study

  • Idit Harel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Globaloria
  • Moderator: Matt Cooper

11:25 am Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs

  • Tracy Gray, Managing Researcher, American Institutes for Research
  • Christina Lewis Halpern, Founder and President, All Star Code
  • Kwame Simmons, Principal, Kramer Middle School
  • Anne Wintroub, Director of Social Innovation, AT&T
  • Moderator: Fawn Johnson

12:05 pm Lunch

12:35 pm Making it Personal: Individualizing the Learning Experience

  • Sara Ittelson, Director of Business Development, Knewton
  • Deep Sran, Chief Academic Officer and Co-Founder, Actively Learn
  • Tacy Trowbridge, Education Programs Lead, Adobe
  • Moderator: Steve Clemons

1:10 pm Keynote Presentation

  • Lucien Vattel, Chief Executive Officer, GameDesk

1:50 pm Sponsor Content

  • Erik Huey, Senior Vice President, Entertainment Software Association

1:55 pm Closing Remarks

  • Margaret Low Smith, President, AtlanticLIVE; Vice President, The Atlantic


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