Aspen Ideas Festival Spotlight Health 2015

June 25 – July 4, 2015

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Aspen Institute

The Aspen Ideas Festival, in partnership with the Aspen Institute, gathers the most influential thinkers in America and across the globe. The 11th annual flagship event will bring together some of the biggest names in an array of industries to foster idea sharing, learning and forward thinking and address issues that affect us on individual and societal levels.  

From Ebola to climate change to personalized medicine and beyond, the second annual Spotlight Health drew insights from industry executives, world leaders, entrepreneurs, policy experts and many other premiere minds, transforming how we think about health around the globe.

Through panels, presentations, visual storytelling and interactive sessions, presenters and attendees engaged in one-of-a-kind conversations about the pressing issues facing health today.

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      Spotlight Health Opening and Welcome

        Is Your Food Safe?
           •  Dan Glickman
           •  Margaret A. Hamburg
           •  Moderated by Corby Kummer

          The Future of Wellbeing
             •  Deepak Chopra
             •  Paul Mills
             •  Poonacha Machaiah
             •  Moderated by Gina Murdock

            Escaping Capture: What Science Tells Us about Beating Addiction
               •  Jamison Monroe
               •  Gary Mendell
               •  Eric Nestler
               •  Nora D. Volkow
               •  Moderated by Alan Weil

              How To Dance In Ohio: A Film Discussion
                 •  Liz Feld
                 •  Emilio Amigo
                 •  Bill Thoet

                  The Supremes Latest Hit: The Affordable Care Act Survives Another Test
                     •  Thomas Daschle
                     •  William Frist
                     •  Henry Waxman
                     •  Kathleen Sebelius
                     •  Nancy-Ann DeParle
                     •  Moderated by Steve Clemons

                    Biology and Electronics Come Together
                       •  Kevin Tracey
                       •  Francis Collins
                       •  Moncef Slaoui
                       •  Moderated by Jonathan LaPook

                      Before the Next Ebola Strikes: Lessons Learned
                         •  Tom Kenyon
                         •  Ron Klain
                         •  Brian Koll
                         •  Moderated by Seema Yasmin

                        The Next Generation of Global Health Leaders
                           •  Elsa Marie D'Silva, Featured Scholar
                           •  Brian Murphy Eustis, Featured Scholar
                           •  Abraham Leno, Featured Scholar
                           •  Estefania Palomino, Featured Scholar
                           •  Moderated by Barbara Bush

                          The Elixir of Clean Water and Sanitation
                             •  Albert Cho
                             •  Victor Hwang
                             •  David Kuria
                             •  Gary White
                             •  Laurel Firestone
                             •  Moderated by Christie Aschwanden

                            Emerging from the Darkness: Changing the Mental Health Paradigm
                               •  Pamela Collins
                               •  Chris Underhill
                               •  Moderated by Seema Yasmin

                              Behavior Change: The Blockbuster Drug of the 21st Century
                                 •  Sabina Rashid
                                 •  Kevin Vigilante
                                 •  Howard Koh
                                 •  Moderated by Todd Breyfogle

                                Deep Dive: The Power of Data to Transform Health
                                   •  Ken Davis
                                   •  Stanley Litow
                                   •  David Glazer
                                   •  Kevin Vigilante
                                   •  Hosted by James Hamblin

                                  Deep Dive: What Makes Design Good for Health?
                                     •  Krista Donaldson
                                     •  Christopher Korsh
                                     •  Michael Murphy
                                     •  Rushika Fernandopulle
                                     •  Kirsten Saenz Tobey
                                     •  Jocelyn Wyatt
                                     •  Hosted by John Cary

                                    Deep Dive: Breakthroughs in Cancer
                                       •  Ronald DePinho
                                       •  Corey Casper
                                       •  Peter Drobac
                                       •  Edith Perez
                                       •  Hosted by Alan Weil

                                      Driving Down Health Disparities
                                         •  Peter Drobac
                                         •  Garth Graham
                                         •  Jewel Mullen
                                         •  Michael Myers
                                         •  Moderated by Jason Beaubien

                                        Be Prepared: Infectious Diseases Are Here to Stay
                                           •  Larry Brilliant
                                           •  Anthony S. Fauci
                                           •  Neeraj Mistry
                                           •  Storn Kabuluzi
                                           •  Moderated by Judy Woodruff

                                          The Aspen Lecture Finding the Care in Patient Care: Delivering High Touch in the Era of High Tech
                                             •  Abraham Verghese

                                            From Bench to Bedside: How Precision Medicine is Changing the Future
                                               •  Francis Collins
                                               •  Interviewed by Judy Woodruff

                                              The Armor of Light A Film Discussion
                                                 •  Abigail Disney
                                                 •  Lucia McBath
                                                 •  Rob Schenck
                                                 •  Marie Nelson

                                                Why Your Smartphone Will Radically Change Healthcare
                                                   •  Eric Topol
                                                   •  Interviewed by Corby Kummer

                                                  Transcending Physical Trauma
                                                     •  Mick Ebeling
                                                     •  Mark Roth
                                                     •  Krista Donaldson
                                                     •  Moderated by James Hamblin

                                                    Mental Health for the World: Sympathies, Systems, and Synergies
                                                       •  Pamela Collins

                                                      The Looming Antibiotic Crisis
                                                         •  Anthony S. Fauci
                                                         •  Margaret A. Hamburg
                                                         •  Ramanan Laxminarayan
                                                         •  Moderated by Diane Archer

                                                        Nanotech: Small Stuff with Big Impact
                                                           •  Elizabeth Nance
                                                           •  Rohan Fernandes
                                                           •  Moderated by James Hamblin

                                                          An Inside Look at the Affordable Care Act
                                                             •  Steven Brill
                                                             •  Nancy-Ann DeParle
                                                             •  Moderated by Julie Rovner

                                                            The $25,000 Big Idea Finalist Pitch Jam Introducing the Aspen Ideas Award
                                                               •  Hosted by James Hamblin

                                                              The Art of Health
                                                                 •  Iva Fattorini
                                                                 •  Paul Scanlon
                                                                 •  Moderated by Eric Motley

                                                                In Conversation with Ashley Judd
                                                                   •  Ashley Judd
                                                                   •  Interviewed by Jason Beaubien

                                                                  Happy Birthday, Medicare and Medicaid—Five HHS Secretaries Celebrate Together
                                                                     •  Kathleen Sebelius
                                                                     •  Donna Shalala
                                                                     •  Louis W. Sullivan
                                                                     •  Tommy Thompson
                                                                     •  David Mathews
                                                                     •  Moderated by Judy Woodruff

                                                                    Accelerating 21st Century Cures
                                                                       •  Diana DeGette
                                                                       •  Fred Upton
                                                                       •  Margaret A. Hamburg
                                                                       •  Moderated by Joanne Kenen

                                                                      Building Resilient Health Systems
                                                                         •  Larry Brilliant
                                                                         •  Donna Shalala
                                                                         •  Michael Myers
                                                                         •  Moderated by Peggy Clark

                                                                        The Power of Health Technology
                                                                           •  Patrick Beattie
                                                                           •  Myriam Curet
                                                                           •  Moderated by Michael Smith

                                                                          The Last Mile in Community Health: Reaching the Hardest to Serve
                                                                             •  Jeff Walker
                                                                             •  Garth Graham
                                                                             •  Peter Drobac
                                                                             •  Moderated by Wendy Taylor

                                                                            Farm to Table or Freezer to Table: What's Healthier?
                                                                               •  Jörg Spieldenner
                                                                               •  Hugh Acheson
                                                                               •  Moderated by Corby Kummer

                                                                              The Promise of Vaccines
                                                                                 •  Paul Offit
                                                                                 •  Neeraj Mistry
                                                                                 •  Ariel Pablos-Mendez
                                                                                 •  Moderated by Christian Foster

                                                                                Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies A Film and Discussion
                                                                                   •  Barak Goodman
                                                                                   •  Corey Casper
                                                                                   •  Moderated by Elliot Gerson

                                                                                  A Decade After Katrina
                                                                                     •  Karen DeSalvo
                                                                                     •  Interviewed by Walter Isaacson

                                                                                      How Useful is Medical Screening?
                                                                                         •  Jessica Herzstein
                                                                                         •  H. Gilbert Welch
                                                                                         •  Moderated by Christie Aschwanden

                                                                                        The Aspen Lecture Long Life in the 21st Century
                                                                                           •  Laura Carstensen

                                                                                          Spotlight Health Closing Session
                                                                                             •  Vivek Murthy
                                                                                             •  Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
                                                                                             •  Steve Clemons
                                                                                             •  Garth Graham
                                                                                             •  David Leonhardt
                                                                                             •  Peggy Clark

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