Roundtable Dinner

October 23, 2014
Chicago, IL, Illinois

Energy powers every facet of our lives—a worldwide reliance that will grow only more abundantly clear as global energy demand escalates to meet the needs of burgeoning businesses and populations. In response, energy companies will have to work creatively to increase output while neutralizing environmental impact. When missteps can impact millions, and as the energy industry is frequently under heavy scrutiny from both government and media, the stakes of anticipating and deftly managing increasingly complex risks are high for both corporation and consumer.

By operating in and serving communities around the globe, many energy companies face additional threats. On October 23, The Atlantic convened leaders from industry, academia, policy, and the press in Chicago for a roundtable discussion focused on the future-minded solutions by which energy companies will anticipate and deftly manage increasingly complex modern risks, including climate change, cyber threats, political volatility, and a globalized supply chain. Participants collectively dissected disruptive solutions for crisis management planning and strategic financial solutions in the energy sector.

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