Roundtable Dinner

November 19, 2014
Washington, DC

In an age of big data and connectivity, even our cars can keep tabs on us. Advanced technologies and services in automobiles are designed to improve the driving experience, enhance vehicle safety and accident response measures, and mitigate environmental impact. But to do so, they often rely on vehicle-generated data such as biometric statistics, driver behavior information, and vehicle geolocation, leading to new concerns over consumer privacy.  As our cars learn to communicate and respond to us – and before long, to each other – how can stakeholders take proactive measures to ensure the safety of sensitive personal data? How can automotive companies, federal agencies, and consumer advocacy organizations work together to regulate and safeguard vehicle-generated data?

On November 19, The Atlantic convened an intimate group of subject matter experts in the nation’s capital for a focused discussion around the privacy implications of the connected car. Drawing on the expertise around the table and the recently released auto industry Privacy Principles as a springboard for consideration of these critical issues, we imagined the next generation of vehicles and anticipated the security challenges that may accompany future automotive innovation.

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