Roundtable Dinner

October 16, 2014
Washington, DC

The expansion of health coverage under the Affordable Care Act created many new opportunities for patients to obtain coverage, but simultaneously produced new challenges related to cost sharing and accessing needed services. Studies have shown that high out-of-pocket costs are a primary deterrent to preventative and sustained care, leading to patients, even those with insurance, failing to get the treatments they need.

At a roundtable dinner on October 16, The Atlantic gathered leading experts in health policy, advocacy, and media for an intimate conversation about the state of healthcare in America. Poised at the start of the second year of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, dinner discussion focused around ensuring our health care systems address today’s patient needs and create long term, affordable improvements in health outcomes. Those at the table questioned how health insurance plans can best take into account the unique complexities of major illnesses and prevalent chronic diseases, and expressed a belief in the need for biopharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, and health professionals to partner with the public sector to create patient-oriented solutions.

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