The Atlantic's
The Renewal Series: Phoenix

November 17, 2016
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix—the nation's sixth largest city—was hit hard by the 2008 recession. While Phoenix has now matched the jobs that it lost during the financial crisis, challenges still remain. Like many cities in the southwest, Phoenix has experienced profound demographic change that is transforming the city’s schools and economy. And Phoenix has moved forward with an ambitious local agenda to get things done without waiting for others to take the lead.

How are local city leaders and innovators finding creative solutions to the biggest challenges the city faces? How can Phoenix cement, sustain and surpass its economic growth—and how is the local community working to ensure that its workforce can take it into the future? What challenges and opportunities does the region’s demographic change pose for Phoenix’s education system and economy? And can Phoenix strengthen its communities and build a new sustainable future?

The Atlantic gathered a diverse group of residents, city officials, nonprofit leaders, civic innovators and change makers to examine how Phoenix is tackling its challenges and creating opportunity for all who call it home.

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