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  • Culture

    Race + Justice: Charlotte

    Taking into account the political, historical and demographic currents that shape the story of race in America—and in Charlotte—The Atlantic posed the question: What would “liberty and justice for all” actually look like in Charlotte?

  • Education

    Making the Connection: An Atlantic Forum on Technology and Education

    The Atlantic will convene educators, policymakers and innovators to explore how technology in the classroom - or the lack thereof - impacts the students of today and workers of tomorrow.

  • Technology

    The Cyber Frontier

    The Atlantic brought together leading stakeholders across industries including technology, higher education, health care and government to examine the defense of the future.

  • Economy/Business

    The Future of Work

    The Atlantic will convene experts and hear from current workers to explore the underlying factors shaping our understanding of work and how that will affect the future.

  • The New Old Age

    The Atlantic's New Old Age forum convened top experts on aging, ageism, and media for a frank discussion of age discrimination and why it matters now more than ever.

  • Health Care

    At What Cost?
    An Atlantic Forum on Prescription Drugs

    The Atlantic convened top health policy thinkers and practitioners to explore how to foster drug innovation while controlling cost with new approaches like value-based programs on the horizon.

  • Technology

    Cracking the Code: The Next Generation of Women in STEM

    In this Atlantic summit, we brought together the leading educators, thought leaders, students and creators re-thinking from the ground up what it means to raise and become a woman in STEM.

  • Washington Ideas

    For its ninth year, the Washington Ideas Forum will convene the nation's leaders, from politics and government to business and culture for two days of idea sharing and thought provoking conversation.

  • Health Care

    Cancer and the Community

    The Atlantic explored challenges such as Nevada's shortage of doctors and specialists and learned what can be done from researchers, experts, stakeholders, survivors and patients living with cancer.

  • Politics

    Defining Justice:
    The Experience of Women and Children Behind Bars

    As Oklahoma grapples with an emerging political consensus around criminal justice reform, The Atlantic sought to understand the experiences of women affected by the state’s justice system.

  • Health Care

    Children and Cancer:
    An Atlantic Forum

    The Atlantic broke down the latest in immunotherapy and how it is being used to help young patients survive and thrive. And moving beyond anecdotal evidence, we examined how big data can be used to track how pediatric cancers impact aspects of health for survivors down the road.