Planting the Future

November 9, 2017

Quietly but surely, the seeds of the next agricultural revolution are being planted. In the lab and on the farm, scientists, growers and entrepreneurs are posing the questions and tackling the challenges that go to the core of human existence: What can we do to produce sufficient nutritious food in an increasingly unpredictable environment? How can we cultivate crops in a way that benefits, rather than strains, the Earth’s ecosystem?

Join The Atlantic in the great life science hub of Boston for a conversation on the big issues at the intersection of agriculture and technology. Together with the field’s leading scientists, tech innovators, growers and foodies we will explore the innovations and ideas that may just change our food system from the ground up.

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Museum of Science, Skyline Room
1 Science Park
Boston, MA 02114

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  • David Berry
    David Berry General Partner Flagship Pioneering
  • Emily Broad Lieb
    Emily Broad Lieb Director, Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic; Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
  • Joie Chen
    Joie Chen Journalist and Contributor AtlanticLIVE
  • Steve Clemons
    Steve Clemons Washington Editor at Large The Atlantic
  • Dorn Cox
    Dorn Cox Co-Founder and President, FarmHack; Owner, Tuckaway Farm
  • Isha Datar
    Isha Datar Executive Director New Harvest
  • Caleb Harper
    Caleb Harper Principal Scientist and Director MIT Media Lab OpenAG
  • Geoff von Maltzahn
    Geoff von Maltzahn Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Indigo Agriculture; Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Benedetto Marelli*
    Benedetto Marelli* Paul M. Cook Career Development Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering MIT
  • Peter Orr
    Peter Orr Farmer Fort Hill Farms, LLC
  • Adrian Percy*
    Adrian Percy* Global Head of Research and Development Bayer Crop Science
  • Bob Rabatsky
    Bob Rabatsky Director Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation, a USAID Program
  • Emily Reichert
    Emily Reichert Chief Executive Officer Greentown Labs
  • Issi Rozen
    Issi Rozen Chief Business Officer Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard


Note: All times are ET

  • Thursday, November 09
  • 2:30 p.m.WelcomeEmily Akhtarzandi, Managing Director, AtlanticLIVE
  • 2:35 p.m.The Next Agricultural RevolutionCaleb Harper, Principal Scientist and Director, MIT Media Lab OpenAg
    With Joie Chen, Journalist and Contributor, AtlanticLIVE
  • 2:55 p.m.Founders and FarmersDorn Cox, Co-Founder and President, FarmHack and Owner, Tuckaway Farm
    Isha Datar, Executive Director, New Harvest
    Peter Orr, Farmer, Fort Hills Farms, LLC
    Geoff von Maltzahn, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Indigo Agriculture, and Partner, Flagship Pioneering
    With Joie Chen, AtlanticLIVE
  • 3:35 p.m.The Ethics of InnovationEmily Broad Leib, Director, Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic and Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
    Bob Rabatsky, Director, Feed the Future Partnership for Innovation, A USAID Program
    Issi Rozen, Chief Business Officer, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
    With Steve Clemons, Washington Editor at Large, The Atlantic
  • 4:05 p.m.Seeding DiscoveryDavid Berry, General Partner, Flagship Pioneering
    Emily Reichert, Chief Executive Officer, Greentown Labs
    With Steve Clemons, The Atlantic
  • 4:30 p.m.Closing ThoughtsEmily Akhtarzandi, AtlanticLIVE


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