The Next America: Connecting All Neighborhoods to Opportunities

November 10, 2015

Ex­perts say that the United States will be ma­jor­ity non-white by 2043, and that few places have ex­per­i­enced the coun­try’s deep­en­ing di­versity more than its cit­ies and ma­jor urb­an cen­ters. These de­vel­op­ments have huge im­plic­a­tions for the U.S. eco­nomy, and are cre­at­ing chal­lenges and op­por­tun­it­ies for the na­tion’s pub­lic, private and non-profit lead­ers as they work to con­nect all neigh­bor­hoods to op­por­tun­ity.

Per­haps no city bet­ter em­bod­ies these trends than Chica­go – one of the most di­verse cit­ies in the coun­try.  As a res­ult, city lead­ers have re­cently launched a num­ber of urb­an net­work, big data, 21st cen­tury skills train­ing and neigh­bor­hood re­vital­iz­a­tion ini­ti­at­ives to plug the “Next Amer­ica” back in­to the city’s eco­nomy.

Na­tion­al Journ­al hos­ted a policy for­um in Chica­go, Illinois that con­vened the city’s key opin­ion lead­ers for a ro­bust dis­cus­sion about con­nect­ing all neigh­bor­hoods to op­por­tun­ity. How can Chica­go har­ness the power of big data and tech­no­logy to tackle the chal­lenges fa­cing the city? What role do smart net­works play in bet­ter con­nect­ing the “Next Amer­ica” in Chica­go to the ser­vices they need? How can city lead­ers ex­pand eco­nom­ic op­por­tun­ity for all Chica­goans, and what is needed to equip all of the city’s res­id­ents with the skills they need to be suc­cess­ful in the 21st cen­tury eco­nomy? How can Chica­go most ef­fect­ively pro­mote de­vel­op­ment in dis­ad­vant­aged neigh­bor­hoods?

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  • Ron Brownstein
    Ron Brownstein Editorial Director Atlantic Media
  • Charlie Catlett
    Charlie Catlett Director Urban Center for Computation and Data
  • David Doig
    David Doig President Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives
  • Rahm Emanuel
    Rahm Emanuel Mayor Chicago, IL
  • Bridget Gainer
    Bridget Gainer Vice President of Global Public Affairs Aon plc
  • Stephanie Hickman
    Stephanie Hickman President and CEO Trice Construction Company
  • Cheryl Hyman
    Cheryl Hyman Chancellor City Colleges of Chicago
  • Gregory Jones, Ed.D.
    Gregory Jones, Ed.D. Principal Kenwood Academy High School
  • Roderick Sawyer
    Roderick Sawyer Alderman City of Chicago, Ward 6
  • Juan Selgado
    Juan Selgado President and CEO Instituto fel Progreso Latino (IPL)
  • Jennifer Tescher
    Jennifer Tescher President and CEO Center for Financial Services Innovation
  • Marie Trzupek Lynch
    Marie Trzupek Lynch President and CEO Skills for Chicagoland's Future
  • Matt Vasilogambros
    Matt Vasilogambros Staff Correspondent National Journal


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