#MeToo: An Atlantic Exchange

February 13, 2018
Washington, DC

The #MeToo movement has forced a reckoning. From clear cut cases of assault, harassment and misogyny to poor communication, bad dates and uncomfortable situations — American society is wrestling with what gender and power mean in the workplace and in personal relationships. It is a debate that cuts across culture, gender, class, race and generations. Four months after the first reports of abuse and harassment opened a floodgate of #MeToo experiences and led to long-overdue accountability, what is the next chapter in the movement? Is the definition of harassment shifting, and who decides?

As individuals, society, and workplaces undergo urgent reflection, The Atlantic offered a frank conversation with the writers whose criticism and observation has defined the moment: Caitlin Flanagan, Megan Garber, Adrienne LaFrance and Gillian White.

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