K-12 Education Forum

November 10, 2010
Washington, DC

The state of the American K-12 educational system is increasingly critical.  Currently only 7% of all 12th graders in the U.S. can successfully complete multi-step math problems; and only 26% have achieved above basic writing proficiency.  

The Atlantic’s K-12 Education Forum gathered ~200 leaders in the education community, experts and policy-makers from inside and outside DC to explore and address the successes and shortcomings of current federal policy, how to measure success, and which educational innovations seem most likely to ready future generations for higher education, and/or to enter the workforce.

The event also showcased clips from the acclaimed documentary ' The Lottery' as well as exclusive interviews with the director and the families featured in the film.  (Film trailer here: http://thelotteryfilm.com/)

Full video of the event is below:


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