Inside the Mind of a President

March 30, 2016
Washington, D.C.

The moment many foreign policy observers consider one of the worst of Barack Obama’s presidency—not bombing Syria after Bashar al-Assad had breached the “red line” on chemical weapons—the president sees as one of his best. Informed by hours of candid interviews, The Atlantic’s National Correspondent and foreign policy expert Jeffrey Goldberg joined Atlantic Editor in Chief James Bennet at Sixth & I for a conversation on “The Obama Doctrine,” Goldberg's newly-published, historic account of President Obama’s worldview. Goldberg offered his insights into how the president's mind works and explained the rationale for Obama's approach to some of the biggest foreign policy challenges of his administration: the collapse of Syria and Libya; the rise of ISIS; and relations with Israel, Iran, Great Britain, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

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