Heartland Monitor Poll: Networked Nation

June 7, 2012

The traditional economic conversation between consumer and corporation has changed with technology, and both sides are talking—not only with their voices but also with their fingers on a mouse or smartphone. Technology and social media have transformed the relationship between individuals and institutions. Consumers now tap into their collective power providing instant feedback to companies, causes, and candidates, while corporations are utilizing social media technologies to better understand the desires of their consumers and to try to provide better products and services. The Heartland Monitor Briefing, presented by National Journal and The Atlantic, and underwritten by Allstate, will examine how companies, institutions, and Americans are using this unique form of online activism for real time communication.

The thirteenth installment of the Allstate-National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll, to be released on June 7, will serve as a discussion driver and will explore how both customers and businesses regard this new age of the empowered consumer.

We encourage you to tweet your questions or comments using #HMPNetNation. A live webcast of this event will begin here on June 7 at 8:25 AM EST.

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