Future of Medicine: A Conversation on Cost and Value

May 21, 2014
Washington, DC

While recent controversies over domestic costs of pharmaceuticals have placed the problem on the national stage, there has ultimately been a failure to produce substantive solutions. Through panels and interviews with healthcare experts across the public and private sectors, The Atlantic and Express Scripts examined whether market-based approaches will work to balance drug prices with critical research and development.

Newseum - Knight Broadcast Studio
555 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
Wednesday, May 21
8:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Working Program Agenda

***Please note that speakers and times are all subject to change

8:40 am   Welcome Remarks

  • The Atlantic

8:45 am      Hepatitis C: A Brief Medical Primer

  • Rena Fox, Professor of Medicine, UCSF @UCSF

8:50 am      Tipping Point: The Unprecedented Hepatitis C Situation

Moderated By:  James Hamblin, Senior Editor, The Atlantic @jameshamblin

  • Richard Elion, Clinical Research Director, Whitman-Walker Health @whitmanwalker
  • Rena Fox, Professor of Medicine, UCSF @UCSF
  • Donald Jensen, Director of the Center for Liver Diseases, University of Chicago @DonaldJensenMD
  • Steven Pearson, President, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review; Visiting Scientist, Department of Bioethics, National Institutes of Health @icer_review

9:30 am      Keynote Interview

Moderated By:  Matt Cooper, Contributing Editor, Newsweek @mattizcoop

  • The Honorable Diana DeGette, D-CO, United States House of Representatives @RepDianaDeGette

9:45 am      Surveying the Pipeline: Pricing Future Pharmaceutical Innovation

Moderated By:  Sarah Kliff, Senior Editor, Vox @sarahkliff

  • Alan Coukell, Senior Director, Drugs and Medical Devices, Pew Charitable Trusts @coukell
  • Sharon Levine, Associate Executive Medical Director, The Permanente Group @KPShare
  • Sara Radcliffe, Executive Vice President for Health, Biotechnology Industry Organization @IAmBiotech

10:30 am    Keynote Interview

Moderated By:  Olga Khazan, Associate Editor, The Atlantic @olgakhazan

  • Daniel Bahr, Visiting Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress; former Federal Minister of Health, Germany @danielbahr

10:45 am    Can the Market Help?

Moderated By:  Matt Cooper, Contributing Editor, Newsweek @mattizcoop

  • John Castellani, President and Chief Executive Officer, PhRMA @PhRMA
  • Karen Ignagni, President and Chief Executive Officer, America’s Health Insurance Plans @AHIPCoverage
  • Brian Marcotte, President, National Business Group on Health @NBGHemployers
  • Steve Miller, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Express Scripts @ExpressScripts
  • Kirsten Axelsen, Vice President of Worldwide Policy, Pfizer @pfizer

11:35 am     Achieving Access and Communications Value to Patients in a Complex Health Care System

Moderated By:  Steve Clemons, Washington Editor-at-Large, The Atlantic @scclemons

  • Matt DeCamp, Assistant Professor of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins University @JohnsHopkins
  • Joxel Garcia, Director, Department of Health, District of Columbia
  • Lowell Schnipper, Clinical Director of Hematology and Oncology, Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center @BIDMChealth
  • Lisa Scholz, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access @SNHPA

12:10 pm  Closing Remarks


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