The Atlantic at the 2016 Presidential Conventions

July 2016
Cleveland, OH / Philadelphia, PA

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Attention will soon shift from a fiercely battled 2016 primary season to the presidential nominating conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia and this fall's general election. From domestic policy to national security, from the state of the economy to law and order issues, from education to energy, health care and beyond, The Atlantic honed in on issues that matter to voters. Through a series of policy briefings, forums, interviews and conversations in the convention cities, we explored how the candidates will shape policy and craft their blueprint for America's future.

Republican National Convention
July 18 — 21, 2016

Cleveland, OH


Democratic National Convention
July 25 — 28, 2016

Philadelphia, PA

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The Atlantic hosted conversations every day of the Conventions, both to our in-person audiences as well as live stream viewers. See below for a list of programs and click through to watch on-demand recordings of each session.

The Atlantic at the Republican National Convention

The Atlantic at the Democratic National Convention


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Watch on-demand videos from the Democratic National Convention

Watch on-demand videos from the Republican National Convention

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