CA Governor's Conference on Renewable Energy

July 25 – 26, 2011
Los Angeles

On Monday, July 25, The Atlantic's Washington Editor-at-Large and AtlanticLIVE's Editor-in-Chief Steve Clemons participated in an engaging dialogue on local renewable energy resources in California - joined by industry leaders and experts as well as California Governor Jerry Brown and hosted by the Governor's Office, UCLA, and Bank of America.

To view the discussion, click on the player below.



Additionally, please see below for a bonus interview with The Atlantic's Steve Clemons and Governor Brown:



Monday, July 25




Commissioner Mark Ferron, Public Utilities Commission

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.


Steve Clemons, Washington Editor-at-Large, The Atlantic

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

David Crane, President and CEO, NRG Energy

Rick Needham, Google Director of Green Business Operations

Lyndon Rive, CEO, SolarCity

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