Atlantic Exchange:
featuring Brett McGurk, Graeme Wood and Jeffrey Goldberg

January 12, 2017
Washington, DC

Among the national security threats facing the United States, none may be as urgent as the threat posed by the Islamic State. In attacks around the world, from Berlin to Nice and here in the US, ISIS-inspired jihadis have taken up conventional arms and unconventional ones, turning cleavers and trucks into weapons of terror.  The organization has been able to recruit and inspire followers from its safe haven in Syria and Iraq, in a region beset by civil war and humanitarian disaster.

Recently, the US-led coalition has killed many from the core leadership of the group through a series of strikes and covert actions. But where is the battle against ISIS headed?

There may be no two people better to discuss the state of fight against ISIS than Brett McGurk, the Obama Administration’s Special Presidential Envoy for Global Coalition to Counter ISIL and The Atlantic’s Graeme Wood, author of the recently released book The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State and the 2015 Atlantic cover “What ISIS Really Wants.” They sat down with Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg in conversation on the global fight against ISIS.

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