Aspen Ideas Festival 2018 Roundtable Dinners

April 1 – June 30, 2018
Aspen, CO, Colorado

Monday, June 25

Economic Heartland
Underwritten by: Walton Family Foundation

Tuesday, June 26

How can Americans find community in today's society?
Underwritten by: PBS

In an era of low trust, what can corporations do to gain the confidence of Americans?
Underwritten by: Nestlé Waters North America

Is American society ready for the waves of automotive change about to roll in? And what can the public and private sectors do to prepare for what’s to come?
Underwritten by: Audi

Wednesday, June 27

What roles should the government and the private sector play in providing a safety net for American workers when they most need it?
Underwritten by: Google

As concerns about data privacy rise, how can companies, nonprofits and government agencies rebuild trust among the general public?
Underwritten by: Southern Company

What does Generation Z want and how do companies reach them?Underwritten by: General Mills

Empowering start-ups and small businesses: What steps can be taken to unlock a new era of inclusive entrepreneurship in America?
Underwritten by: PayPal

What reforms are required to break this country’s cycle of over incarceration?
Underwritten by: Koch Industries

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