America Works

America Works

December 10, 2012
Washington, DC

On December 10, The Atlantic hosted an afternoon of panel discussions and keynote interviews focused on restoring America’s competitive edge in trade and high-wage job creation in the Pavilion Room of the Ronald Reagan Building. The program examined how the regulatory environment impacts American competitiveness by showcasing examples of effective as well as problematic federal and state policies, and studying how they can be shaped to best encourage business investment and growth. The program also assessed strategies for how best to revitalize a U.S. economy under stress at home and globally.

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See the below players for video coverage of the event:

"The Honorable Alice Rivlin: How to Fix U.S. Deficit and Create Jobs"

"The Recipe for Economic Reform: Taxes, Regulation and Trade Policy"

"The Honorable Peter G. Peterson: America's Long-term Fiscal Health"

"The Honorable Robert Hormats and Pamela Passman: State of the Economy"

"Manufacturing a Better Future: Infrastructure, Jobs and Technology"




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Note to Government Employees: In deference to the letter and spirit of applicable ethics regulations, this event was not intended for politically-appointed federal executive branch employees or for state and local government employees. A description of this event - written for government ethics office review - may be requested by writing Joanna at

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Atlantic Live


  • James W. Cicconi
    James W. Cicconi Senior Executive Vice President AT&T
  • Steve Clemons
    Steve Clemons Editor-in-Chief, AtlanticLIVE, and Washington Editor-at-Large The Atlantic
  • Scott Crump
    Scott Crump Chairman of the Board and Chief Innovation Officer
  • Robbie Diamond
    Robbie Diamond Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer
  • James Fallows
    James Fallows National Correspondent The Atlantic
  • Robert D. Hormats
    Robert D. Hormats Under Secretary, Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment
  • Barbara Lang
    Barbara Lang President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Melissa Lavinson
    Melissa Lavinson Vice President of Federal Affairs
  • Matthew O'Brien
    Matthew O'Brien Associate Editor
  • Pamela Passman
    Pamela Passman President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Peter G. Peterson
    Peter G. Peterson Founder and Chairman Peter G. Peterson Foundation
  • Rey Ramsey
    Rey Ramsey Chief Executive Officer TechNet
  • Alice Rivlin
    Alice Rivlin Former Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve; Senior Fellow, Economic Studies Brookings Institution
  • Eric Toder
    Eric Toder Co-Director
  • Stephen J. Ubl
    Stephen J. Ubl President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Deborah Wince-Smith
    Deborah Wince-Smith President and Chief Executive Officer


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