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  • Economy/Business

    Commerce2: The Future of Retail

    For this second installment in the Commerce2 series, The Atlantic will bring together leading stakeholders across industries, including business, technology and higher education, to explore the future of retail.

  • Technology

    Inclusion in Tech

    The Atlantic will gather industry leaders and stakeholders to examine diversity and inclusion in tech, and explore what change is needed to create lasting equity for all who work in the field.

  • Other

    The Summit on Infrastructure and Transportation

    The Atlantic gathered policy makers, business leaders, innovators and experts to explore the future of our nation’s infrastructure and transportation systems.

  • Economy/Business

    The Corporate Responsibility Summit

    At The Power of Purpose: The Corporate Responsibility Summit, The Atlantic gathered business executives, employees, community leaders and experts to analyze the impact, the potential and the downsides of corporations speaking out and taking action.

  • Technology

    Vaccines + Immunity: Examining
    Modern Medicine

    The Atlantic will gather stakeholders from public health officials to the medical and scientific community to explore the future of vaccines at a forum in Philadelphia.

  • Health Care

    Examining Modern Medicine Series

    In a series of conversations, The Atlantic is exploring the state of modern medicine and the science that has revolutionized treatments.

  • Technology

    In Pursuit: An Atlantic Summit on
    Women and Science

    The Atlantic’s “In Pursuit” will bring together leading scientific experts to highlight recent achievements by women in STEM as well as strategies for ensuring that more female innovators flourish in the field.

  • Economy/Business

    Commerce2: The Internet of Everything

    In a series of conversations, The Atlantic brought together leading stakeholders across industries including technology, higher education and government to explore the impact of advancements in IoT.

  • Technology

    The Innovation Game

    The Atlantic will convene visionaries to highlight the innovations shaping and reshaping our world.

  • Energy/Sustainability

    Water Summit

    At the Water Summit, The Atlantic gathered the leading voices in water, from environmentalists and policymakers to farmers, industry and community leaders, to forge a dialogue around the critical water issues of our time.

  • Education

    Making the Connection: An Atlantic Forum on Technology and Education

    The Atlantic will convene educators, policymakers and innovators to explore how technology in the classroom - or the lack thereof - impacts the students of today and workers of tomorrow.

  • Technology

    The Cyber Frontier

    The Atlantic brought together leading stakeholders across industries including technology, higher education, health care and government to examine the defense of the future.