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  • Energy/Sustainability

    Water Summit

    At the Water Summit, The Atlantic will gather the leading voices in water, from environmentalists and policymakers to farmers, industry and community leaders, to forge a dialogue around the critical water issues of our time.

  • Economy/Business

    Commerce2: The Internet of Everything

    In a series of conversations, The Atlantic will bring together leading stakeholders across industries including technology, higher education and government to explore the impact of advancements in IoT.

  • Economy/Business

    The Corporate Responsibility Summit

    At Power of Purpose: The Corporate Responsibility Summit, The Atlantic will gather business executives, employees, community leaders and experts to analyze the impact, the potential and the downsides of corporations speaking out and taking action.

  • Energy/Sustainability

    The Business of Green: An Atlantic Forum

    The Atlantic will gather leaders from across industry, experts and consumers alike, to explore the way business is employing sustainability to protect the environment.

  • Technology

    On the Launchpad:
    Return to Deep Space

    The Atlantic surveyed a shifting landscape of new technologies, exploring the cosmos by gathering experts on the growing space industry and the future of space and extraterrestrial travel.

  • Politics

    We The People Series

    In a series of conversations, The Atlantic will explore civitas, the contract binding all citizens together, and talk to leaders of business, politics and society who are striving to make our Union a little more perfect.

  • Other

    CityLab Roundtable Meals

    The Atlantic hosted a series of conversations around CityLab 2016 over meals on a variety of topics.

  • Energy/Sustainability

    Access to Power:
    Energy Equity in California

    The Atlantic was in Oakland to discuss access to clean energy for low-income and underserved communities.  

  • Energy/Sustainability

    Access to Power:
    A Forum on Energy Equity

    The Atlantic hosted a policy forum engaging regulators, industry leaders, innovators and community advocates in a robust conversation about what it will take to make clean energy more inclusive and accessible for all.

  • Technology

    City Makers Summit

    The Atlantic explored how technological growth contributes to – or curtails – workforce development in dense urban areas. The day’s conversations will cover topics like job training and education, inequality and the rise of Dallas entrepreneurship and corporate innovation.

  • Energy/Sustainability

    Growing Cities: An Atlantic Forum on Sustainable Urbanization

    The Atlantic convened urbanists and industry leaders to discuss sustainable solutions to waste management, business relations, populations growth and other issues facing cities around the world.

  • Energy/Sustainability

    Atlantic Exchange

    Our series of interviews with disruptive innovators and consequential political, community and business leaders continued with a discussion of the role of oil and gas in a healthy American energy landscape.

  • Washington Ideas Forum 2015

    The Atlantic, in partnership with the Aspen Institute, once again gathered U.S. policymakers, industry innovators, business leaders, and media personalities for a two-day event in Washington, D.C.

  • New Orleans: Ten Years Later

    In recognition of the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, The Atlantic explored New Orleans’ resilience while evaluating the challenges it and other communities across the country continue to face.

  • Aspen Ideas Festival 2015

    The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute's annual weeklong festival in Aspen, Colorado gathered leaders from around the world to share the ideas that will shape the future.