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    WHAT'S NEXT? imagined the future and articulated the transformative ideas that will give it shape.

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    What's Next: Navigating Global Challenges with the Innovation Generation

    In our inaugural international event, The Atlantic gathered ​leaders from around the world to explore how big ideas are revolutionizing global industries.

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    Big Science Summit

    On October 30th, The Atlantic’s Big Science Summit will celebrate revolutionary new ideas and technologies with an eye to the future, asking questions about investments in science research and the viability of cutting edge technologies. Bringing many of the country’s leading scientists and innovators together on stage, The Atlantic’s Big Science Summit will underscore the relationship between science and innovation, celebrate recent scientific coups, and look ahead to what’s next.

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    Innovation Summit

    The Atlantic’s upcoming Innovation Summit will gather the country's top scientists, industry leaders, and public officials for a full day of compelling dialogue dedicated to innovation.