Tuesday, May 14, 2019 | Washington, D.C.

The Education Summit

Serving Every Student

The American education system is, by some measures, the envy of the world. Yet in every state, there is profound inequality, with too many students locked out of the opportunities a quality school provides.

The Atlantic’s fifth annual Education Summit convened teachers, principals, policymakers, higher education officials, parents and students to consider how American schools can move closer to that elusive ideal: giving every child an equal chance to succeed.

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  • Rep. Donna Shalala


  • David Simas

    CEO, Obama Foundation

  • Ron Brownstein

    Senior editor, The Atlantic

  • Heather Buskirk

    Instructional Methods Advisor, K12

    Underwriter Session

  • Kim Clark

    Assistant Director, Education Writers Association

    Underwriter Session

  • Heather Cody

    Teacher, Mayo Demonstration School, Tulsa, OK

  • Michelle Asha Cooper

    President, Institute for Higher Education Policy

    Underwriter Session

  • Rick Cruz

    Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships, College Board

    Underwriter Session

  • Katherine Bliss Davis

    Debater, Potomac School ’20

  • Marla Dean

    Executive Director, Bright Beginnings

    Underwriter Session

  • Rodolfo Dueñas

    Teacher, Woodrow Wilson High School Los Angeles, CA

  • Adam Harris

    Staff writer, The Atlantic

  • Scott Heimlich

    Vice President, Amgen Foundation

    Underwriter Session

  • Christian Herald

    Student, Potomac School ’21

  • Anthony Abraham Jack

    Assistant Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Author, The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges Are Failing Disadvantaged Students

  • Myra Jones-Taylor

    Chief Policy Officer, ZERO TO THREE

    Underwriter Session

  • Charlie Judd

    Student, Potomac School ’21

  • Kevyn Klein

    Global Director of Community, VIPKid

    Underwriter Session

  • Kathleen Koch

    Author and Journalist

  • Kaitlyn Maher

    Debater, Team USA

  • Shaun McAlmont

    Executive Vice President, Career Readiness Education, K12

    Underwriter Session

  • D'Angelo McDade

    Executive Director, Peace Warriors

  • Sophie Mode

    Sophomore, Millennium Brooklyn High School, New York, NY

  • Adam Mortara

    Partner, Bartlit Beck LLP; Counsel, Students for Fair Admissions

  • Bari Norman

    Co-Founder and Head Counselor, Expert Admissions

  • Blanca Ortiz

    Graduating Senior, Earlham College

  • Mary Annette Pember

    Independent Journalist; Contributor, The Atlantic

  • British Robinson

    President and CEO, Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

    Underwriter Session

  • Stefanie Sanford

    Chief of Global Policy & External Relations, College Board

    Underwriter Session

  • Maria Santos

    Director of Operations Santa Fe Dreamers Project

  • Susan Saulny


  • Malbert Smith

    CEO and President, Metametrics

    Underwriter Session

  • Jake Steel

    Deputy Director, Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Department of Education

    Underwriter Session

  • Ryan Stowers

    Executive Vice President, Charles Koch Foundation

    Underwriter Session

  • Nicholas Sutherland

    Head of School, Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin

    Underwriter Session

  • Matt Thompson

    Contributing Editor, The Atlantic; Editor in Chief, Center for Investigative Reporting

  • Tiffani Torres

    Junior, Pace High School

  • Rebecca Upham

    Executive Chairwoman and Vice Chancellor, Whittle School

    Underwriter Session

  • Gillian B. White

    Deputy editor, The Atlantic

  • Corshai Williams

    Doctoral Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Underwriter Session

  • Alia Wong

    Staff Writer, The Atlantic

  • Wenchi Yu

    Head of Global Public Policy, VIPKid

    Underwriter Session

  • Enrique Garcia-Rivera

    Head of Oncology Research, nference

    Underwriter Session

  • Harry Strong

    Director of Public Speaking and Forensics, The Potomac School

  • Jeff Selingo

    Contributing Editor, The Atlantic

Guest Arrival and Networking Breakfast

8:15 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Breakout: Technology’s Social Impact on the Classroom*

8:30 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person


9:30 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

How Can DC Serve Every Student?

9:35 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

The Two Codes Kids Need to Know*

9:55 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Segregation Then

10:05 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Segregation Now

10:20 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Inspiring Students for Career Readiness*

10:40 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

In the Borderlands

10:50 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

A Strong Start for All Children*

11:10 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Teachers Revolt

11:20 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Beyond Parkland: Keeping Students Safe

11:40 am EDT
Virtual / In-Person


12:00 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Breakout Sessions

12:30 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Should College Be Free? A Student Debate

Virtual / In-Person

The Native Student Experience

Virtual / In-Person

A Drumline Performance by Excel Academy

1:15 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Welcome Back

1:20 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Are HBCUs at Risk?

1:30 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Higher Ed: The Value and Values*

1:50 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

College Admissions: After the Scandal

2:00 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

College Admissions: The Lawsuit Against Affirmative Action

2:20 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Leveling the Playing Field in Science*

2:45 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Affordability and Access: Is College in Crisis?

2:55 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

The Case for Civics 101

3:15 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person

Closing Thoughts

3:35 pm EDT
Virtual / In-Person




Event Details

Washington, D.C.

The Newseum, Knight Conference Center 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001 May 14, 2019 8:15 a.m.– 3:45 p.m. E.T.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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