Start-up Square: A Place for Your Ideas

An interactive event space designed with you in mind, Start-up Square will showcase local start-ups disrupting the way we work, live, and learn.

The town square is a place for neighbors to meet, greet, and dive into village gossip before it makes headlines. Next week at our flagship technology event, Navigate, we’re excited to introduce a new way to share ideas and make connections at our events—and we want you to be part of it.

Enter Start-up Square, an interactive event space where emerging Bay Area start-ups, tech networks, and digital gamechangers will display big ideas shaking up vital industries. Throughout the day you’ll be invited to contribute your insights in conversations and learning sessions in this marketplace. Following a competitive application process, we’ve selected some projects that have us excited to jumpstart your conversations at Start-up Square. To register to attend Start-up Square, please click here.

At Start-up Square, don’t miss:

The Future Office: How will technologies enhance and alter hiring, productivity, and social impact?

  • The Recruiting Revolution: Hiring software Gild employs predictive, data-driven technologies to evaluate the abilities of web developers. Gild’s demo will walk guests through the hiring experience, giving them a look at what’s next in talent recruitment.

  • Working Smarter: With a model that prioritizes accountability and transparency, BetterWorks wants your team to get more work done faster, and at Navigate, they will help you drill down on how to accomplish your top goal for 2015.

  • Know Your Network: Globality helps users analyze their global reach through detailed Facebook and LinkedIn data. Curious about how your network ranks in comparison with other attendees? Find out at their display.

The Future Home: Did you hear about the Joneses? They have smarter eggs, walls, and thermostats.

  • Golden Eggs: Henlight will showcase its sustainable farming technology, a solar-powered light which spurs egg production, giving a long overdue facelift to an age-old industry.

  • Less Is More: Houslets will present its do-it-yourself modular housing, allowing Navigate guests to build portable living structures. The smallest Houslet can fit in a parking space—and, fully furnished and equipped, costs less than 5 percent of the current average sale price of a San Francisco home.

  • Saving Green: Smappee will demo its home energy monitoring function in a model home, allowing users to track consumption and alter behaviors to benefit the environment and wallet.

The Future Classroom: Your kids’ classroom is about to get a major facelift. How will these technologies change the way we learn and value education?

  • The Ivory Tower Incubator: UC Davis' Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship helps students commercialize their work—and understand how to build the necessary networks and knowledge to grow it. Take a sneak peek into the designs of the university’s most promising young innovators.

  • Pinterest for the Classroom: Social learning platform Yellowdig keeps students stoked and syllabi in sync with a fast-changing world by allowing students to co-curate what they learn.

  • Tablet as Teacher: Zaption captures the screen-savvy generation’s attention through an app that allows users to quickly add text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Take a swing at it yourself on provided devices.

Three of our underwriters will also host stations: AT&T will have a charging station, The Bold Italic will put up creative poster displays, and Toyota will bring in a fuel cell vehicle.