Atlantic Exchange with Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen Predicts the Future

The 5 most interesting insights the venture capitalist shared with Atlantic editor James Bennet on Monday - from why he thinks the culture of Silicon Valley is skewed to whether police will have access to drones in 10 years.

Max Taylor / The Atlantic

1. On failure:

“There’s this trend in Silicon Valley that failure is good. I’ve always thought failure sucks.”

2. On character:

"The best qualities of the people we fund are curiosity and courage - or as I call it, stubbornness.”

3. On Bitcoin:

"The financial network of the world today operates the way the data networks used to work before the Internet. [Bitcoin is] a way to deal with money in a completely distributed way… that doesn’t require the kind of centralized institutions that we’ve had in the past. One of the things all the programmers in the Valley believe is that whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is he... deserves a Nobel Prize.”

Max Taylor / The Atlantic

4. On surveillance:

“I’m the most optimistic person I know on almost every topic, but [surveillance] really bums me out.….We’re going to look outside in 10 years and the air is going to be thick with drones. Here’s the question nobody wants to ask right now, which is my favorite question - [Will] metro police forces [have] weaponized drones?"

5. On capitalism:

“I think [the best economic system] is maximum capitalist dynamism coupled with a very strong social safety net… and the former actually lets you pay for the latter.”

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