Letter: The Case for Tom Brady

A reader criticizes TheAtlantic.com’s editor for describing Tom Brady as “eminently hateable” and “the absolute worst.”

Reuters / Issei Kato

The Case Against Tom Brady

On Wednesday, Adrienne LaFrance wrote an article examining why the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is so intensely disliked. “Last time I checked, the cradle of liberty wasn’t in Foxborough, Massachusetts,” she wrote. “Ben Franklin may have believed the nation’s premier bird was the turkey, but he still picked Philadelphia over Boston for a reason. (The reason: Philly’s better.)”

Thank you for your ad hominem attack on the American hero Tom Brady. It’s not every season that New England gets choice motivational material from so lofty and venerable a periodical as The Atlantic. How quickly an institution that for 140 years happily made its home a stone’s throw from Bunker Hill forgets its roots in the true cradle of liberty. (And what was the Battle of Bunker Hill if not the nation’s first glimpse of perfectly executed situational football? Were it not for the sacrifices of the people of Boston, Benjamin Franklin would have been left to carry his loaves of bread through the quaint streets of a British colony, begging his royalist son for a job printing birthday cards for the king.) I look forward to seeing how Tom Terrific and his minutemen respond to your venom on Sunday.

John Swansburg
Senior editor, The Atlantic
Beverly, Mass.

[Editor’s note: John Swansburg doesn’t live in Massachusetts anymore. He lives in Brooklyn.]