Radio Atlantic: Is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Past Solving?

Two American-born writers—an Israeli author and a Muslim journalist—grapple with the bleak state of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

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The decades-old dispute between Israelis and Palestinians seems to be at a new low these days. Two American-born writers – an Israeli author and a Muslim journalist – join editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg and global editor Kathy Gilsinan to grapple with the bleak state of affairs. Yossi Klein Halevi is the author of the new book Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor. Wajahat Ali recently traveled to the West Bank to write “A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers” for the June 2018 issue of The Atlantic. The four discuss how we got here and what paths forward remain.


- “A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers” (Wajahat Ali, June 2018 Issue)
- "Settlers in the 'Most Contentious Place on Earth'" (Wajahat Ali, May 10, 2018)
- “The Real Dispute Driving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” (Yossi Klein Halevi, May 14, 2018)
- Yossi Klein Halevi joined Jeffrey Goldberg on The Atlantic Interview (May 1, 2018)
- “Jerusalem’s Ramadan Is Different This Year” (Emma Green, May 18, 2018)
- “The Coming Storm in Israel” (Neri Zilber, May 11, 2018)
- “Iran vs. Israel: Is a Major War Ahead?” (Avi Issacharoff, May 11, 2018)
- “Celebration in Jerusalem, Bloodshed in Gaza” (Emma Green, May 14, 2018)