What News Photos Do You Want To See?

Make your request here.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Any time I tweet an #AtlanticPhotoRequest invitation on Twitter as @theAtlanticFoto, I am inviting anyone to ask for a news photo, and I'll do my best to fulfill the request in an upcoming entry at The Atlantic.

This entry will be posted on Thursday, July 2. Is there a subject you'd like to see a good photo from? A photo you've already seen somewhere else, but would like to see a higher-res version? A particular photographer, event, or theme? If I have access and can find it, I'll try to post it. Here's a link to one of the recent All-Request entries we did together: "All-Request Photos: Aurora Borealis, Blue Frogs, Spacewalks ...", for reference. All three to date listed here.

How it works:

  • Tweet a message with an #AtlanticPhotoRequest hashtag, making your request. (or, alternately, send me an email at alan@theatlantic.com.)
  • The first 40 or so requests will be taken in order, if possible—one photo per person, please (if you make more than one request, I'll just pick one.)
  • After enough requests have come in, the invitation will be closed, and I'll start compiling a photo essay made up of all the requests to be posted soon. (In this case, the post will go up on Thursday, July 2.)
  • When the entry is posted, requester's twitter handles and tweets will be included in the captions, along with the credits and description, when possible.

Example requests:
  My #AtlanticPhotoRequest subject is Kim Jong Un
  Lucha Libre! #AtlanticPhotoRequest
  Celebrity fashion #AtlanticPhotoRequest

I'll try my hardest to fulfill the requests as best I can, but there are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Photos must be available from our agencies: The Associated Press, Reuters, or AFP/Getty (or public domain.)
  • Non-work-safe photos will be excluded (overly graphic or containing nudity)
  • Broader requests and subjects in the news are always better. It's easier for me to find "Polar Bears" than it is to find "Polar Bear with Pumpkin on its head."
  • I reserve the right to skip any request for any reason.

So send me your tweets with an #AtlanticPhotoRequest hashtag, and let's see what happens. This is has been a fun experiment to date, still working to see if it will become a regular feature.