How Canada's Newspapers Reported the Ottawa Shooting

A collection of front pages from the day after a deadly terrorist attack in the capital.

Yesterday, Canada faced a terrorist attack when a lone gunman killed a soldier who was standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The soldier, Nathan Cirillo, was a 24-year-old reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Naturally, the entire nation was stunned and saddened by the incident in their capital and the media, in Ottawa and elsewhere, devoted all its resources to covering the tragedy.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was praised for their coverage of the incident. James West at Mother Jones boldly wrote, "Canada's coverage of the Ottawa shootings put American cable news to shame," and Mediaite had similar sentiments for calm and collected reporting.

Below is a collection of front pages from across the nation, showing how Canadian newspapers handled the coverage this morning, as they crafted headlines about an attack at the very heart of their country.

Metro Toronto:

Ottawa Citizen:

National Post:

The Province, British Columbia:

The Calgary Sun:

Montreal Gazette:

Toronto Star:

The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon:

The Chronicle Herald, Halifax:

Despite these powerful front pages, the defining image of the event will likely be this cartoon that was drawn by Bruce MacKinnon, the long-time editorial cartoonist for The Chronicle Herald: