50 Iranians, One Question: 'What Do You Fear?'

An artist films Tehranis opening up about what scares them.

Ali Molavi/YouTube

In a newly released video, Iranian artist Ali Molavi has asked a group of citizens in the Iranian capital what they're afraid of. One woman says her fear is the lack of status for women living in Iran. "Women in Iran have no value," the woman says. A man says he fears his wife, while another says that "war" is his greatest fear.

"Poverty, unemployment, the future, a bad future," responds a young man when asked about what he fears in life. (Click on the CC button in the video below to enable English subtitles.)

Molavi had previously produced two other moving videos in which he asked Tehranis about their wish for the day and about what they would do if they could do anything they wanted.

This post appears courtesy of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.