U.S. Air Marshal Stabbed with Mysterious Needle at an Airport in Nigeria

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A U.S. federal air marshal was attacked in the Lagos, Nigeria, airport on Sunday. The weapon of choice was a syringe filled with a mystery substance.  While the incident seems thoroughly terrifying, it is the only one of its kind which has been reported at the moment.

Fox News exclusively obtained an alert issued by TSA in regards to the incident: 

The [Air Marshal] reported that the subject stuck him with a syringe and it is believed he was injected with an unknown substance. After consultation with the consulate and physicians, the [Federal Air Marshal] was given precautionary medication."

The air marshal and his team were transported back the United States after Sunday's attack. The air marshal is still being tested and treated for ailments in connection with the injection. The syringe was also transported, so it could be examined here by the FBI and CDC, which are both now investigating the incident.

The CDC, FBI, and State Department have not commented on the syringe incident. 

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