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The United Kingdom's effort to keep Scotland failed both literally and figuratively on Tuesday when Prime Minister David Cameron ordered the Scottish flag to be flown above his office. Like support for the United Kingdom ahead of the September 18 referendum, the flag fell down. 

Sky News caught the moment on camera and the anchor had a bit of a laugh about it, as the imperial British might say. As she repeats the government's argument — we're stronger together, the blue and white flag detaches from the flag pole and falls to the ground. "Well, that tells you all you need to know, doesn't it?"

Later, as she plays the video again, she comments on the the symbolism of the moment, with "the Prime Minister saying 'we are better together, and to that end we will fly your flag above Downing Street.' The Saltire, however, had different ideas."

The flag hanging coincided with Cameron's visit to Scotland. As support for independence has grown (polls now show the vote is too close to call) ahead of next week's referendum vote, Cameron went north to push for no votes. "In the end, it is for the Scottish people to decide, but I want them to know that the rest of the United Kingdom — and I speak as prime minister — want them to stay," he said, according to Reuters. But, like its flag, Scotland might have different ideas. 

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