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The second American killed while fighting for ISIL in Syria had worked at a Minneapolis airport, the city's local Fox 9 first reported Tuesday.

Abdirahmaan Muhumed had been killed while fighting on behalf of the extremist group in August alongside fellow American ISIL recruit Douglas McCain. Both had been from the Twin Cities, though it's unknown whether the two knew each other. 

Muhumed had been employed at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport before he went overseas, two former employees at the airport told Fox 9. He had worked for Delta Global Services, which meant access to the tarmac as well as security clearance across the premises. Fox 9 reports it's unclear how long he worked at the airport.

Fox News analyst Lisa Daftari posted this photo of Muhumed last week:

In a profile of Muhumed in June by Minnesota Public Radio, he had been described as a 29-year-old Somali-American who was the father of nine children. He was one of at least 15 men from the Twin Cities who traveled to Syria to join ISIL, and had been active on social media, posting pictures of himself carrying the Koran and a rifle before going abroad.

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