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10:35 a.m.: Jerusalem is on high alert after a second attack occurred just moments after a Palestinian construction worker drove his vehicle into a city bus and killed one pedestrian.

According to Jerusalem police chief Yossi Pariente, an Israeli soldier was "shot at close range by a man dressed in black” on Mount Scopus on the border of East and West Jerusalem. A manhunt is underway.

The soldier is reportedly in critical condition.

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After nearly a month of conflict, the battlefield in the war between Israel and Hamas, along with other terror groups in Gaza, expanded into Jerusalem with a tractor attack on a city bus in Jerusalem. One pedestrian was killed and six others were injured.

According to Reuters, a Palestinian construction worker drove his vehicle into a pedestrian and smashed into a bus in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in the city, causing it to flip over. Police shot the driver and have called the incident a terrorist attack. 

Attacks using cars and tractors are not entirely uncommon in Jerusalem, with a spate of them during the Second Intifada and a few as recently as 2008.

"From the moment fighting started in the south, we realised such an incident of a lone attacker can happen and such tractor attacks are familiar in Jerusalem," Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said on Channel 2 television, according to Reuters. "(The driver's) whole family is being interrogated. We want to know who sent him, if he was acting alone, whether he belonged to a network - all those things are being checked."

Israel was said to be submitting to a partial, unilateral ceasefire on Monday while troops were redeployed in the southern Gaza Strip to continue demolishing tunnels. As Hamas rocket fire continued, an Israeli airstrike reportedly hit a house in Gaza City not long after the ceasefire was to begin, killing one and wounding dozens.

Elsewhere, according to the Times of Israel, there seem to be competing efforts to secure a lasting ceasefire with Palestinian and Egyptian delegates meeting in Cairo to work on a plan and the United States and Qatar also together again to work on proposal.

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