Palestinians and Israelis Accept New Ceasefire Deal

Palestinian negotiators have accepted a new proposal for a 72-hour ceasefire, but will Israel also say yes?

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Palestinian negotiators say they have accepted an Egyptian proposal for a new 72-hour ceasefire with Israel, but it remains unclear whether Israel will also agree to the deal.

"We are here to look for an agreement. We cannot have an agreement without talks, so we accepted an Egyptian proposal to have a cease-fire for 72 hours in order to resume the talks," a Palestinian negotiator told the AP.

The new three day arrangement, which is designed to provide space for negotiators from both sides to come up with an agreement for a long-term truce in Gaza, has not yet been accepted by Israel.

Israel left talks over the weekend as talks stalled and rocket fire from Gaza was met with IDF airstrikes. Israeli officials said that they will only return to the negotiating table once rocket fire ends.

"Israel will not negotiate under fire," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, adding that the IDF campaign "will take time."

"If Hamas thinks it has worn us down, it is wrong," said Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. "We will return to the table only after an end to the fire. ... We are not intending to compromise."

UPDATE, 12:58 p.m.:  Israel agrees to Egypt's Gaza ceasefire plan.

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