Just How Super Was the Supermoon?

Was the supermoon really out of this world? You be the judge. 

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Sunday night marked the arrival of the much awaited "supermoon," the not very scientific-sounding name for when a full moon is closest to the earth.

Media outlets told us to get our binoculars ready for the arrival of this Godzilla while astrologists quibbled that the supermoon probably wouldn't look any larger to the human eye than a normal full moon.

Well, the pictures are in and we've collected the best images of the lunar spectacle from 13 different countries.

Was the super moon really out of this world? You be the judge.

Brasilia, Brazil
The moon appears larger than normal pictured behind a tree in Brazil (Reuters)
Tokyo, Japan
The supermoon rises behind a ferris wheel in Japan (Reuters)
Washington D.C., United States
The "Peace Monument" on the U.S. Capital (AP)
Warsaw, Poland
The moon behind a Jesus Christ statue at the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw (AP)
Madrid, Spain
A couple chatting outside in Madrid (AP)
Rasing, Austria
The supermoon shines through trees in a forest near Rasing (AP)
Wanda, Australia
Virginia Maddock watches the moon in a suburb of Sydney (Reuters)
Munich, Germany
The supermoon rises behind a church in Munich (AP)
Mosta, Malta
Fireworks celebrating a patron saint pass the moon near Mosta (Reuters)
Berlin, Germany
The moon behind a bridge in Berlin (Reuters)
Sierra de las Nieves, Spain
In between El Burgo and Ronda, near Malaga in southern Spain.
Sydney, Australia
The moon rising over the Sydney Opera House (Reuters)
Moscow, Russia
The moon over the stars on the Kremlin in Moscow (Reuters)
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