ISIL Storms Syrian Military Base, Captures at Least Part of Air Field

ISIL militants have captured at least a part of the last Syrian government-held outpost in a region taken over by the extremists. 

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Fighters belonging to the ISIL organization appear to have broken through the defenses of a major military air base in Syria on Sunday, taking at least a part of the facility — the last government-held outpost in the region dominated by the extremist group.

After a week-long campaign to capture the Tabaqa air field 25 miles west of the group's base in Raqqa, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says ISIL was able to storm the air field on Sunday and capture at least a part of the base. The base is an important government military facility, housing several warplanes, helicopters and tanks, as well as artillery and ammunition.

The Local Coordination Committees, an umbrella organization of approximately 70 activist groups, says ISIL has taken control of the entire airfield, but Syrian state news agency said that the military forces are still fighting ISIL.

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