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An Indian woman is quickly becoming an internet darling after fending off an attack by a leopard with a sickle. The Wall Street Journal told the world of Kamla Negi's bravery:

She was walking home Sunday when the big cat leapt at her on a quiet path in her village in India’s hilly state of Uttarakhand.

“It pounced on me suddenly from the front,” Ms. Negi told The Wall Street Journal in a telephone interview from her bed in an Uttarkhand hospital, where she is recuperating from her ordeal. “Its claws and teeth were on my throat. I could hear it breathing.”

After 30 minutes of pitched battle, Negi, a 56-year-old grandmother and rice farmer, slayed the leopard with the tool she uses to tend the fields. NBC spoke with her doctor, who says while she hardly walked away unscathed, she will be fine.

She has compound fractures in her forearms and many, many bites and cuts to her skin but she is out of danger.” 

Now comes the internet celebrity. As praise continues to heap, even the folks at Westboro Baptist Church, famous picketers of soldier funerals and national inciters of disgust, seem to be impressed.

Getting them to like anything may be a bigger feat than killing the leopard. 

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