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As the area around the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash becomes increasingly dangerous, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has called for a halt in the investigation

Currently, investigators are seeking remains of the missing victims. 298 passengers were on board MH17, and thus far, 228 coffins have been returned to the Netherlands. Early in the investigation, reports indicated pro-Russian separatists separately removed a number of bodies, reviewing them at a morgue they control before returned them to investigators at the site. 

Rutte has promised the investigation will resume again, and notes that thus far, it was an "intensive search in the area with 800 volunteers." 

Additionally, Rutte told reporters that Dutch authorities were able to speak with a Ukrainian military doctor. This doctor had been on the site right after the crash, and their experience "has changed the recovery team's perception of an earlier effort undertaken by local authorities." Rutte elaborated, "fortunately that more was done after the disaster than we thought until now."

Unfortunately, the investigatory team was not able to find a substantial amount of remains before being called off. 

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