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A Stalin-era Moscow skyscraper was defiled redecorated by a crew of intrepid alpinists-protestors who scaled to the top of a 580-foot building and painted it Ukrainian blue before hoisting up a Ukrainian flag.

From the AP report:

Russian authorities were not amused by the prank in support of Ukraine, where government troops are battling pro-Russian separatists. Police said they have detained four suspects and charged them with vandalism, a crime punishable with up to three years in prison."

The Kyiv Post reports that the flag was aloft for about three hours before it was noticed and quickly taken down.

Another source with city emergency services told Interfax that unidentified people had painted half of the star crowning the skyscraper's spire blue. "Obviously, the star was intended to be painted in the Ukrainian flag's colors," the source said." 

According to the report, the source also said that the suspects involved are Russian.

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