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According to a Ukrainian military spokesman, a Ukrainian fighter jet was shot down in action in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday.

The casual deployment of the word "another" may raise some eyebrows, but the shooting down of Ukrainian fighter jets (and the occasional and more eye-grabbing passenger jetliner) is an occurrence growing in frequency.

On Sunday, a MiG-29 jet was also shot down over Luhansk after carrying out an attack on rebels. Last week, another Ukrainian jet was downed some 25 miles from the city of Donetsk, where rebel control seems to be slipping. And back in July, two Sukhoi jets, the kind that was shot down today, were shot out of the sky on the same day.

The week before that, two military jets—an An-26 transport and another Su-25 fighter— were shot down. According to Ukrainian military officials, the transport was knocked down by a missile fired from Russian territory and the fighter jet, as the Times wrote, "was destroyed in a dogfight with a MiG-29 fighter that crossed into Ukrainian air space to engage Ukrainian aircraft."

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