'You Name It, I've Abused It': Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Confirms Being Rob Ford

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On Wednesday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted that he's just as bad as everyone says he is, telling reporters on Wednesday that he's used "every drug you can probably think of...You name it, I've abused it." Crack? Yep. Cocaine? Alright! Pot? You betcha! Mushrooms? Absolutely! However, Ford also said on Wednesday that he didn't use heroin. If you thought of that one you were wrong. 

Proof that our use of the word "barrel" is not figurative
via the Toronto Star

Toronto's leading linebacker spent two months in rehab before returning to work this week. Now, he has until October 27 to convince voters not to vote him out of office in the next mayoral elections (yes, he is running for re-election). Presumably, today's remarks were an attempt to clear the air after his lengthy stay on the front pages of every tabloid. In the meantime, it looks like Ford will continue his strategy of just not resigning, instead choosing to barrel his way around City Hall for as long as he can. According to the Associated Press's report on Ford's coming "clean" remarks, the mayor proudly told the citizens of Toronto that "I did not drink yesterday, I haven't drunk today." Which is good, because the mayor also told reporters today that the only drug he's used at work is alcohol. 

In all, Ford's first few days back in office have been mixed at best. Yesterday, for example, he was heckled by a jogger who didn't even have the decency to put on a shirt: 

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