Ukraine Moves to Ban Communism

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As tensions between Ukraine and Russia hit peaks during the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 investigation, a court in Kiev has decided to ban Communism. The court held a hearing today in order to request that the government ban the Communist Party of Ukraine.  

The Justice Ministry is arguing for the ban by saying the party supports the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine's eastern region. On July 8, a motion was filed accusing the Communist Party of aiding the rebels with money, weapons, and political motives. The Communist Party also backed the much contested "independence" referendum in eastern Ukraine. 

During the hearing, Oleksandr Turchynov, the speaker of the parliament, said the Communist group in parliament would be dissolved. The stated the reason as too few members, below the number needed to maintain a separate group. On Tuesday, a law passed which made this true. 

The head of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Petr Symonenko, said this ban has "trampled on the will" of his party members. In the 2012 parliament election, they received 13 percent of the vote.

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