Somali Terrorist Group Strikes Kenya Again, Killing Dozens

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The Somali Islamist group al-Shabab, which was responsible for last year's assault on the Westgate Mall, killed 29 people in two separate shooting attacks on Kenya's coastal region.

Witnesses said heavily armed men raided a trading centre in the village of Hindi, in Lamu county, and a police station in Gamba, Tana River county, overnight on Saturday."

 The attacks come amid deep political unrest in Kenya, where a leading opposition leader plans to hold a massive rally in a central square in the capital of Nairobi to protest corruption. From the Times:

Many Kenyans are worried about the Monday rally given the heightened insecurity and tightening mood. Some families have already begun to flee ethnically mixed areas in Nairobi and surrounding towns after mysterious leaflets surfaced warning members of certain ethnic groups to leave or else."

Nevertheless, a report issued earlier this week citing that Kenyans are five times more likely to be shot by police than criminals is an example of why a large turnout can be expected.

Meanwhile, the terrorist group al-Shabab has sought to strike Kenya as an extension of its battles within neighboring Somalia, where the group is based and where Kenya sent troops back in 2011. The group has not only been active in recruiting members in the coastal region, but also successful in crippling tourism, which remains a vital staple of Kenya's economy.   

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