Putin's Daughter May Have Fled the Netherlands Amid Outcry

Maria Putin has left behind a $3.3 million penthouse in the Netherlands, fleeing the country after locals called for her deporation. 

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Maria Putin, daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, reportedly lives in the small town of Voorschoten in the Netherlands. Earlier this week, the mayor of Hilversum, about 70 kilometers away, called for her deportation. Mayor Pieter Broertjes made his comments during a radio interview, while discussing the investigation of Flight MH17, on which the majority of passengers were Dutch. While Broertjes later apologized for his comments, the damage was already done, and Maria has allegedly fled her home.
Very little is known about Putin's family life, which is very rarely discussed by Russian media. The 29-year-old daughter of Putin is thought to have lived with her Dutch partner, Jorrit Faassen, who works for a consulting firm. Beyond the mayor's comments on the radio, she also reportedly received a number of threats via social media and web forums. There was digital discussion of protesting her luxury apartment building. Because of these threats, local police have increased presence around the building as a precaution.
Neighbors have reported that Maria and her partner have not been seen since last Thursday, when MH17 was struck. They live in a five-bedroom, two-story apartment, valued over $3 million.
While Maria Putin and her sister have managed to mainly stay out of the public eye, in harsh contrast to their father, they are now being affected by media attention streaming from their father's actions.
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