Ukraine Says Pro-Russian Separatists Placed Mines Around MH17 Site

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As investigators attempted to make their way into the MH17 crash site on Wednesday, once again they were unable to enter the scene.  Pro-Russian separatists currently control much of eastern Ukraine, including the area around the MH17 crash, and have been preventing investigators from entering the region unimpeded. Now, the general war zone is affecting the investigation. In addition to ongoing fighting in the Eastern half of the country, a Ukrainian government official said the area near the site had been mined. 

Andriy Lysenko, a spokesperson for Ukrainian government security, told reporters in the area that the "[pro-Russian separatists] have mined the approaches to this area. This makes the work of the international experts impossible."

Members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe spoke with the rebels just outside of Donetsk, but 13 days after the disaster, they still are unable to fully enter and investigate the site. The mines are just the most recent hindrance to their investigation. 

Lysenko also noted that while the rebels were participating in their own military operations around the MH17 site, Ukrainian military have been staying away from the site, and conducting their operations elsewhere. Lysenko also noted Ukrainian troops were aiming mainly to cut off the supply line to the rebels. They believe this would force them to move their base away from MH17. 

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